Absent Friends section of Alan Ayckbourn's Official Website is both supported by and dedicated to John Cotgrave.

I have known John since 2001 and his passion for and knowledge of Alan Ayckbourn's plays is second to none. He enthusiasm and love of the playwright and his writing is a touchstone of our friendship and has brought me incredible delight and pleasure over the years.

John is also the co-founder of Dick & Lottie theatre company, based in Huddersfield. This company has channeled John's love for Alan Ayckbourn's plays since 2004 in both amateur and professional guises and is second only to Alan Ayckbourn's home theatre - the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough - for the number of different Ayckbourn works it has staged.

Aside from a shared love of Alan Ayckbourn, Lego and Disney, John has been a huge supporter of this website and whose friendship means an incredible amount to me.

Simon Murgatroyd